1 What is Post Graduate certificate in Project Management (PGCPM)?
2 Why get certified?
3 Why
4 Why should I connect to
5 Are there many online or e-Learning centers such as
6 What are the major project life cycle phases?
7 How have you structured Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management Programme (PGCPM)?
8 Can I use to prepare for the PGCPM examination administered by GNOU?
9 Can I use to get to know the modern concepts in the field of project management?
10 What is this new learning in PGCPM that is based on conceptual plane?
11 Why do I need to upgrade my knowledge in the discipline of Project Management?
12 Can you define what Project Management is?
13 Why is Project Management one of the fastest growing disciplines in matured economies?
14 What do we need to make an area of work, a discipline?
15 What is the difference between general management and project management?
16 Who are the developers of the content of PGCPM?
17 What is the main theme in developing
18 How can I be motivated to log on to and acquire PGCPM?
19 Why PGCPM is launched?
20 How is PGCPM structured?
21 What are the admission criteria for the PGCPM course?
22 there any references for Certificate In Project Management?
23 can I have some details of the PGCPM programme?
24 Are there any references for Certificate In Project Management?
Frequently Asked Questions 
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