Learning Track
Post Graduate Cerification in Project management - Learning Track

The programme delivery mechanism for the Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management (PGCPM) shall be as follows :

  • The programme will be delivered online to all the enrolled students. All students will be provided the User ID and Password to access the courseware of the programme. With the given User ID and Password, one needs to log-in to www.ignou-cepm.org. In fact, in this programme, the students will not be attached to any study centre. They have to study themselves on the basis of online contents available with them. However, for their query redressal, some sessions of teleconferencing as per requirements may be organised on Gyandarshan-2 during the programme duration. A prior intimation in this regard would be sent to all students through E-mail.

  • Every student enrolled in this programme will have sequential access in the courses in the order, namely MPM-001, MPM-002, MPM-003 and MPM-004. To start with, one will have access to only MPM-001 till (s)he finishes the course in terms of content grasping and opts for Continuous Assessment Check (CAC) for the course. For completing MPM-001 which is a 4-credit course, one has to spend at least 15 hrs. with the online contents in order to properly grasp the concepts covered in the course. Once the student clears the CAC for MPM-001, (s)he will move to MPM-002 In case (s)he fails to clear CAC of MPM-001, s(he) will not be able to access contents of further courses, i.e. MPM-002, MPM-003 and MPM-004. (S)he has to spend another 5 hrs. with the online contents of MPM-001 and

  • To clear the CAC courses. A student will be given a maximum of three attempts to clear the CAC for any one of the four courses in the programme.

  • After qualifying in CAC of MPM-001, (s)he is authorized to get access to the online contents of MPM-002. This being a 6-credits course, one has to spend at least 20 hrs. with the online contents in order to properly grasp the concepts covered in the course before opting for the CAC of MPM-002.

  • Similarly, after clearing CAC  of MPM-002, a student will be able to access MPM- 003 and after clearning CAC of MPM-003, a student will be able to access MPM-004. Finally, after completing MPM-004 course contents and qualifying its CAC, the students shall be allowed to access video viewing and final examination practice test.

  • A student switching over to next course after qualifying the CAC of previous course(s), (s)he will have access to all the previous course(s). For example, at the time of studying MPM-004, (s)he will have access to MPM-001, MPM-002 and MPM-003.

  • Once a student qualifies the CAC of MPM-004, (s)he becomes eligible to appear in the Term End Examination (TEE) of the programme.

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