Q. 7 How have you structured Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management Programme (PGCPM)?
Ans. Those professionals who have been involved in structuring the PGCPM programme are some of the best PM professionals from the industry. Scientifically, 8 Project Life Cycle phases are divided into 4 major modules i.e. MPM-001, MPM-002, MPM-003 and MPM-004. These 4 course modules are broken into 29 knowledge domains further subdivided into 84 concepts necessary to make the knowledge foundation of project management both robust and strong. Each knowledge area is divided into many concepts needing mastery. The basic unit of understanding is a Concept. In order to make sure that a candidate has grasped the substance, at the end of each course module, an assessment is made of the progress of a student and it is necessary to complete course module before proceeding to the next. PGCPM is divided into 4 modules and they need to be taken sequentially.
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